One of my favorites from Briggs' Banjo Instructor (1855). Feel the tone from this Pete Ross made four-string gourd banjo!
One of my favorites from Frank Converse's Banjo Without A Master (1865)
From Briggs' Banjo Instructor (1855). Played on a fretted Ashborn made by Mike Wesley.

The Regatta Minuet comes from a 1785 Buckingham County, Virgina music copybook. The guitar and banjo are reproductions of original James Ashborn instruments made by luthier J.M. Wesley of Roxboro, NC.

I found this great little Jig in "Thirty-Eight Tunes Appropriate for Tin Whistle, Fife, Flute, or Violin" published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

From Niel Gow's 3rd Repository of 1806. A wonderful four-part 3/4 time piece. Four string gourd banjo made by Pete Ross.